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Originally from Russia, I find my inspiration in my cultural background as well as passion for material research. I'm fascinated by colours and textures, ceramics and textiles. My passion for material research brought me to design study at Design Academy Eindhoven

(The Netherlands) where I discovered how to experiment with different materials but more important how to connect history, culture and experience in order to create something unexpected.

During my internship at IKEA strategy department I acquired experience in trend forecasting and developing concepts of future living, as well as experimenting with techniques. A skill that helped me a lot in the research process for my graduation project Care for Milk. 



Material research / concept development / ceramics / colour



De Intuitiefabriek

Internship / 2017 - ongoing /

IKEA, Sweden

Internship design & strategy / 2015 /



Naturalist  - project bringing together 15 Russian designers / ongoing /



Design Academy Eindhoven

Bachelor of Design, Man&Leisure Department  / 2016 /

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