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Metaphor of light is one day through the prism of perception of light. The line of the day shows my experience of time. I transformed it into a small roll which you can unroll to see the colour sequence. The early morning is one of this mysterious moments when the light just gives an allusion of presence. It slowly appears through the struggle of the darkness giving a very modest, transparent fog. This first rays of light are very soft like somebody would wrapped the sun with silky fabric around. After some time a little change occurred in the light - light become confident. Colours though the glass became clear and fresh like after heavy rain. When it reached the peak the most strong and vivid colour light appeared. The light was very dense in the atmosphere. It happened as fast as it disappeared. The last beautiful moment was discovered while the sun was going down. A small ‘battle’ between light and dark where light no longer could fight. The light in the window suddenly became opaque and cloudy warm. End of the day came in massive, majestic purple darkness

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