dairy glazes


Exclusive eight course lunches took place during the Dutch Design Week 2017 where guests were able to take part in an innovative experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional dining and in which food, fashion, ceramic, sound and interior designers color the story

In collaboration with

Naresh Restaurant and AnoukxVera

Research of phenomenon of light, based on observation of color in different places evolved into Gloam lamp and a series of hand printed illustrations

Project bringing together 15 Russian designers who reconnect city dwellers with nature. Ekaterina designed a photochromic print which changes colour and its intensity during the day depending on the solar




CARE FOR MILK will be a part of Graduation Show during Dutch Design Week at Design Academy Eindhoven 

Care for Milk will be exhibited as a part of 'Designing the Surface' in Het Nieuwe Instituut from 27 January till 25 August 2017


From 19/04 till 17/09 Care for milk will be exhibited in Vladivostok, Russia as a part of  'Materialization' 


Care for Milk was a part of Innovative design Food program at Stichting 100% Heuvelrug festival 



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